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Did you be showing you on the best teachers of the policy is now I already made a dedicated video on the three percent are sections, and I have taught about many things to which I won't be coding. And this video so definitely checks out that we don't think we will be in the description. And we don't let ted first this feature about this phone would be the display so far and this one is a massive six-point interest most in-depth just players who cannot with a new nineteen eastern aspics racial predicted by ivory could blast this protectionist probably from conning a and not that is now new.

And its policy it's pretty good I didn't happen issues even some green like literally one of them with his case in the primary just come for that a city plus resolution that's like romantic on you. The next this feature about this upon would be the cameras on that was this one supported therapy. We camera would have to find to a hotel what they do a hoping sexy can be the camera with after point for a boat used for something that's an already choice on the friends. It has an email piece and facing the camera with after point. So with the weight and the lens now there are a lot of cameras data points in this necessary meant so this man is a different thing on the birth to it comes to camera performance but the cameras on this phone that are both the front end members her operating in these are the sample pictures to extract.


Top ten features in Oppo f9

Next, this one of that four treatment for both different under cameras hand these are dissembled pictures. This prediction isn't perfect [UM] mother grading home and we can also you were not a she was can portraits lbs which is a feature missing on other forms been books back. Now the next best thing was this more would be the performance this possible it's as an outbreak and for the people who said you know find out if you builders in the fourteen an image of architecture, so it's not as powerful it's also very by the fish, and just in this audience it's twenty-five. Oppo has good quality of screens which is best to watch movies and films, so you can download lot of movies and films easily using tubemate apk app.

Mine compared to the competition years it isn't all the awful my for every day for that comes to that didn't, and it’s kind of ok these are the two to and benchmark scores now the next to this feature about this one would be about better live this.

That's a massive poor thousands hundred and three million for battery and as I said only or the prostate used on this point is also very provisions so a battle eight on this one would be great. But a regular use it can last huge two days even if you're a heavy user in the last year more than a day. Now the next to the speech or on this form would take vast patients to looks feature this boy news is just the fan facing.


Latest update and firmware upgrades in Oppo F9

So I don't know the cure for a very quickly has any good Indonesians most of the time I can't even see the last thing it was merely that fast you letting conditions are complete down. It still works what these times a small I could egg like you to force again who tell better than the competition is. And you can see also when the form from time was locking if you're either close just in case if you have any security concerns. Next, it even has nobody party and your local DB now those kids like a new trend these days like people wanted us to do is in some way for her use to sums that to see a does seem time on the form, and this is going into putting that might be made this point also.

With the column so you can make campus he calls without installing anything up at the applications been going on next we have navigation discourse. These are the monkeys and like any other amber. We have the back home and new tax Burton now on this point we can be the piece of within ideas. And we're just like the high point and this threat navigation keys and then the legs paper only interrogation and you have all these option statues from my favorite one would be the first one that is you can swipe on the left, or right corner is to go back. So, from the center to go home stipend and hold.


F9 Oppo - front camera and back camera.

Free and taps we all have had just shows, but I think this is the best when this navigation gives us a morning more which ones the next we have as is to boil. Now just invasive these navigate are not really you think but still, want an email to experience you can enable us this to bold I want to do that you'll see this ball floating around and you can do. Now several things but their first mind to live the operation more whether you want to go the gestures on the top I'm going to show. And I can go ahead to back able to for multitasking and buttonholed to whom the and another way to interact with your form and what's in gives you much more humans have experience.

Next, we have first clean multi-tasked camera, and we know you are using your foreign aid landscape more whether it's starting a radio are playing again. Since, from the top at the notch and use see. Options on the left side me of the quake mentions and on the right are real quick applications no from quick actions we can take a screenshot blocked all the notifications all of that in more traditions and verification sounds and finally, we can also the called this green one.

Oppo F9 Smartphone

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